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dance2Would you like to “Dance Your Way Through Pregnancy” feeling GREAT?

You absolutely can!

Did you know that most pregnant women don’t enjoy their pregnancy because they feel fat and unattractive? They also fear that their bodies will never be the same.

I want to eliminate your fears. Below I will share with you how to stay fit, toned, and healthy during pregnancy while minimizing your pregnancy weight gain. I will, also, give you a valuable guide for an easy delivery and fast post-partum recovery for FREE. And no it’s not hard to do. It’s actually incredibly empowering and fun!

First let me ask you this…

danceDo you have any of these questions or fears of pregnancy?

 Will I be able to get my pre-pregnancy figure back?
 Is pregnancy exercise safe for baby?
What exercise during pregnancy can I do to keep my stomach toned?
 What will help me maintain my energy during pregnancy?
What exercises do I need to do to have an easy, fast, and natural delivery?
 Will my husband find me attractive during/after pregnancy?
 What should I be doing during pregnancy to minimize weight gain and loose it quickly after birth?

I have answers to ALL of these fears and I want to share them with you.


jenniferHi, I’m Jennifer Jimenez.

If you found this website, it’s likely that you (or someone you know) are pregnant. Congratulations!

Becoming a mother is one of the most profound and transformational experiences of your life. I found my calling when I became a mother, 13 years ago. This is when I learned to truly love, trust my body, and connect to my inner self.

Before I share my pregnancy and birth story with you, let me share with you that I am a qualified expert and know how to minimize pregnancy weight gain.


heartI am a Certified Prenatal Dance Fitness Instructor with Dancing Through Pregnancy, Yale University Athletic Dept.
heartI am a mother of three!
heartI accomplished 3 very healthy, happy pregnancies, and I lost all the weight within a few months after pregnancy.
heartMy body is now just as toned and fit as it was prior to pregnancy.
heartI learned how to have the birth of my dreams, and you can too.


My Story

When I became pregnant (the first time), I “thought” that pregnancy and delivery would be a breeze. I had always taken care of my body and was physically fit (if you’re not in shape don’t worry my tips will help you…keep reading). Being a fitness and dance professional for years … I “thought” I knew quite a lot about my body. To my surprise, pregnancy and birth was a whole NEW world.

I’m sure, like you, I gathered as much information on pregnancy as possible. I remember, how eager I was to get all the information so that I was certain that I was doing everything right.

My first line of study was exercise during pregnancy. I didn’t want to be stuck with a flabby tummy or have the pregnancy pounds with me for years after I had my baby. I’m sure you feel the same way.

Another fear I had was I LOVED to dance and I exercised regularly. I wondered what dances and exercises I could safely do during pregnancy.

jennifer-post-pregnancyMy entire life has been filled with dance. I danced professionally in several modern dance companies in Los Angeles, attended Marymount Manhattan College in NYC, and I am also a certified Mind Body Fitness Expert. Needless to say it was a passion of mine and a way for me to de-stress. As much as I loved dance and exercise, I wanted to be certain that everything I was doing was safe for pregnancy. I’m sure you do too.

Well just like you, I read everything I could regarding pregnancy including birth plans, pregnancy exercise routines, pregnancy diets, etc. I studied intensely and I “thought” I was prepared for the natural birth I so desired.

I wish that I could tell you that everything I studied and did to prepare, paid off. I really wish that I could tell you that … I had a quick and easy labor my first time. Unfortunately, that was not the case.

My first labor lasted 50 hours … you read that right, fifty hours. It was very traumatic and I was devastated that my birth plan failed and I was left with baby blues (post-partum depression). This does NOT have to be your birth experience. I want to help you have the birth of your dreams.

The good news is that I delivered a beautiful, healthy, baby girl and the experience lead me on a journey that transformed my life.

My break-through started as I looked at my beautiful baby. I wanted to have more children, but never wanted to re-live my daughter’s birth experience. I was determined to figure out how to have an easy birth. This dream gave me motivation to go deeper and find the inner strength needed to really connect to myself. Through this quest for self-discovery, I found the Mind-Body-Spirit Connection through Movement and Conscious Dance. I learned to forget about dance technique and dance the dance of my SOUL!

As I learned to love my body and trust my intuition, I was transformed! I found a peaceful, loving place within, and I knew labor and delivery could be a beautiful natural experience.

I didn’t stop there, I really wanted to be 100% certain that I knew everything there was to know about conscuous dance and pregnancy, so I enrolled in Dancing Thru Pregnancy at Yale University Athletic Dept. and became a Certified Prenatal Dance Fitness Instructor.

I then felt ready to try again and became pregnant with my second child. This time my birth experience was completely different. I was able to successfully deal with my fears and pain. I allowed my body to be my guide and surrendered to the natural process of labor. This time my birth experience was very empowering!

My second birth only lasted 2 hours. It was my dream birth experience.

A few years later, I knew that I had found my calling. I was doing private prenatal dance classes and personal coaching with pregnant mothers. I decided I wanted to reach more women, share my birth secrets with the world, and help more expectant mothers feel empowered in their birth.

familyI was pregnant with my third child, so it was the perfect time to put my techniques into action and create a complete Prenatal Fitness and Wellness Program that anyone, anywhere in the world could access. I created my “Prenatal Dance Fitness” Program. In it, I share all the techniques that I used to have a healthy pregnancy, easy birth, quick post-partum recovery, and even how I quickly fit back into my skinny jeans!

…before I forget to share, my third birth, from start to finish, was only 90 minutes!

I am confident that the techniques that I are in my Prenatal Dance Fitness DVD work. I am living proof. My children’s birth’s were natural, I had two fast, easy births, and very easy post-natal recoveries. I learned how to ease the discomforts of pregnancy, minimize weight gain, sail through delivery, recover quickly, and easily lose the baby weight!

Years later, thousands of mom’s all over the world, have used my DVD to stay fit during pregnancy and it can work for you too!

It is a fun, relaxing, and empowering tool to help you prepare for birth and delivery.

You can do the full routine in 1 hour or you can choose a section and exercise for as long as want or have time for. It’s completely flexible, you can make it fit your shedule and best of all you can do it at home without any equipment.

While exercising, I would recommend wearing non-restrictive clothing, having a soft mat (like a yoga mat) to make you more comfortable, and a water bottle to keep you well hydrated. The DVD comes with guidelines for pregnancy exercise and everything else you will need to know to dance your fears away :) and make you a confident, sexy momma.

Introducing Prenatal Dance Fitness with Jennifer Jimenez, Certified Pre &  Post Natal Fitness Specialist.  Only $19.95 plus tax and shipping.

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Here is what one happy mom had to say about the DVD:

I’m not saying that I will guarantee that you will have a easy pregnancy, fast birth, or quick post-partum recovery. No one can guarantee that, but I am confident to say that using my program you can make the experience much easier. I honestly can say that I LOVED the experience of last two pregnancies and births. I loved connecting with my children in the womb and I am to this day very closely bonded to my children.

My program “Prenatal Dance Fitness” will help you through your pregnancy by showing you how to connect to your inner strength and ground yourself in your body.

I want to offer you the tools needed to feel great during pregnancy, stay fit, and recover quickly after birth.

Gentle exercise during pregnancy has been proven to make recovery after birth faster!

The American College of Obstetrician and Gynecologists says that exercise during pregnancy helps to build a healthy and large placenta. It also helps to prevent unnecessary pregnancy weight gain. (You need an extra
300 calories per day during pregnancy. A healthy pregnancy weight gain depends on your pre-pregnancy weight. Ask your doctor how much weight they want you to gain during pregnancy.)

“Prenatal Dance Fitness” program is a fun way to exercise during pregnancy and maintain a strong and healthy body during pregnancy, minimize unwanted weight gain, and learn the secrets to a graceful birth. It’s a fun, safe, and proven program for all fitness levels!

I even had movement specialists and doctors check it out to be sure:

“It is so important that women continue an exercise program throughout their pregnancy that is fun, and makes them feel beautiful. I whole-heartedly endorse this prenatal dance program & DVD, and would recommend it to any of my pregnant patients. This program really is fantastic!”

- Jennifer Lang MD, OB/GYN

dr. alice drob“I highly recommend this video to my pregnant patients as a way to keep them exercising in a safe in gentle manner. It is fun and healthy for the mom to be, as well as an excellent bonding experience getting to know the beautiful spirit growing within. This video is also an excellent resource, filled with information to help any pregnant woman.”

- Dr. Alice Grob, Pregnancy & Pediatric Chiropractor

ann“Jennifer has produced a wonderful DVD. Her program is a safe, effective and meaningful way to move through pregnancy and birth.”

-Ann Cowlin, MA, CSM, CCE, Yale University Athletic Dept. movement specialist, executive director, Women’s Health Fitness Institute, Founder/Director, Dancing Thru Pregnancy ® Inc.

A Quick Run Down of what My DVD Includes

The Prenatal Dance Fitness Program covers Breath Work, Visualization, Graceful Dance, Yoga, Energy Work, Baby Bonding, and Relaxation techniques.


I will reveal my break-through pregnancy techniques including:

heartExercises to create a strong and sexy body that will be ready for delivery……
heartA gentle and fun dance routine that your baby will love……
mom-babyheartTips to minimize baby fat retention and reduce pregnancy weight gain……
heartA dance to help your partner bond with you and your baby……

As well as these invaluable Labor tips:

heartHow to release pain during birth……
heartRelaxation techniques for birth that will make your labor easier……
heartHow to focus your mind so you don’t worry or have negative thoughts……
heartTips to help you maintain energy during birth……
heartHow torecover quickly after labor and delivery……

OK, so… “What’s the Cost?”

Let’s do a quick analysis, a membership to a health club or to buy home gym equipment would set you back well over $500. You could alternatively hire a personal trainer. I currently charge a minimum of $150 an hour for personal training. You can do the math. It gets pricey quickly. That’s why I developed a pregnancy dance workout DVD. It’s an affordable way to teach these techniques, you can re-watch the videos as much as you want and you can do in the comfort of your own home making it an inexpensive way to stay fit during pregnancy.

Remember the goal in pregnancy is to maintain your fitness. You should never try to push yourself or over-exert your body during pregnancy. That is why dancing is a perfect exercise for pregnancy. It is gentle, but effective way to stay in shape. It’s a great combination of cardio, stretching, and movement.

I’ve bought many exercise and fitness books in the past and they nearly always end up on my bookshelf half read. I get tired of reading the steps, not to mention the illustrations or pictures of the exercises are often confusing. Sometimes I just can’t figure out if I am doing it right!

That is why a DVD is so much better. You get to SEE the exercises being done properly and there is music to get your hips swaying to the beat!

It’s like getting hundreds of dollars worth of my expertise and training at your disposal PLUS a feeling of connection by seeing me (a few other pregnant moms) move to the music.

I constantly get letters from mother’s using my program telling me that I inspired them to dance all the way through their pregnancy, they had wonderful births, and easy recoveries. I have also had other mom’s mention that they were inspired by the beautiful women on my video and that it really helped them LOVE their pregnant bodies and be more confident (even in the bedroom).

Their comments make my heart sing! I want YOU to be inspired too and see yourself as a beautiful goddess. Please email me comments on how my program helped you. Inspire others by sharing your story.

What would this program be worth to you? Five hundred dollars? That is just a few spa treatments right?

For most pregnant women, I know a five hundred would be simple buy. But not to worry, I’m NOT going to charge you anything near that price. I really want to help you succeed with your pregnancy goals. That’s why I’m offering this at a one-time payment of ONLY $19.95. That is your total investment in this program (however this is a limited time offer), so get it now before I change my mind.

guarenteeI want you to feel completely comfortable with your purchase, so I am offering a 60 day money back guarentee. If for any reason you are not satisfied within the 60 days, contact me for a refund (shipping is non-refundable).

Try it Risk FREE for 60 Days!

YES Jennifer! I’m ready to:

  • Minimize my pregnancy gaining weight gain
  • Start preparing for labor to make it easy and fast
  • Stay fit and healthy during pregnancy to make my post-partum weight loss quick
  • In short, start Loving my Body and Bonding with my Baby!

I understand that I will get the Prenatal Dance Fitness DVD containing the full pregnancy dance routine and special bonus videos which include baby bonding, energy medicine, pregnancy advice, and more.

Here’s What You’ll Get…

Prenatal Dance Fitness DVD


A 65 minute pregnancy workout with 35 minutes of special features.


Special Features Include:

  • The Baby Bonding for Mom & Dad Dance Video (4 minutes)
  • Energy Medicine Video (3 minutes)
  • The Learn to Dance Choreography Tutorial (4 minutes)
  • Pregnancy Interviews (24 minutes)
  • Special Advice from Me (2 minutes)


AND If You Order Right Now I will also give you this FREE Bonus!


Limited Time ONLY $19.95

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.…And Get your Questions Answered!

I cover a LOT of information in my DVD, but I know there’s always be those times when you want to be able to ask for advice. After you order, you’ll get access to my facebook group to ask other mom’s pregnancy questions and my customer support desk.

I know you’re probably hesitant to buy something for YOU during pregnancy – it is so expensive to get everything ready for a baby! But you’re worth it, not to mention this will help BOTH you and your baby. There is a 60 day RISK FREE trial so why not give it a try.

If my DVD doesn’t get you feeling sexy and beautiful – I’ll gladly give you refund (no questions asked!) and you can KEEP the bonus tool! So what are you waiting for…


Get Ready To Feel Beautiful!

I can guarentee that after you are using my DVD for a few weeks, somebody is going to make a comment about how good you look and that you just are glowing! Just imagine how great that will feel.

You don’t have to feel ugly, fat, frustrated, worried, or depressed about your pregnant body. You can love it! I’ve already helped thousands of women around the world look and feel great and I can help you too!

My DVD will show you exactly how to make this pregnancy one of the most sacred and positive events of your life! I’ve learned the secret and you can too.



Limited Time ONLY $19.95

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Here’s to savoring one of the most beautiful, sacred times in your entire life!


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